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Bring the dog!
Do the dougie!
Jump in the pool!

If these are the ways you want to celebrate your union, make like a Nike commercial and DO IT!

Rest assured that when you look back at your heirloom album with your friends and family, or hell even with your grandkids or your siblings' grandkids (if having kids isn't your thing), you'll still smile, laugh, and cry as if those moments were happening all over again.

We are intentional about getting to know you personally and catching those moments that will mean the most to you every single moment following your wedding day.

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We're St. Louis wedding Photographers! spunky, adventurous, go-with-the-flow kind of photographers

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A tear rolled down April's cheek as she finished her vow to Anthony. He wiped the tear from her face, gazed into her eyes, then broke his stare as he gave a quick glance at the two person band behind him.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and the shy and normally very quiet Anthony sang a song he had written for the love of his life. In those two minutes, the room was silent, captivated by their love. It was as if the world stood still to watch a love that could only be described as destiny.

That was it! That moment that shy man overcame that trait to express his love in such a beautiful and authentic way was the moment I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be. There is no other career that I have ever felt as passionate about as wedding photography and the opportunity to give couple's the piece of mind knowing they can experience their wedding day and know I am creating an authentic visual story of the day they want to remember most.

If you're looking for authentic wedding photography, in St Louis or beyond and want someone passionate about your love, myself and Steph are here for you and are excited to meet you!

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In that moment, their love captivated an entire room...

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  3. If it seems we're a good fit, we'll talk about more details over a video call or an in-person meeting.

To ensure each couple receives the best possible experience, we only take a limited number of wedding each year. Please do not hesitate when scheduling discovery and consult calls.


You only live this day once. Let's make capture your wedding day exactly how you remember it

We personalize your wedding photos! we work with You to learn your personality and what's most important to you.

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This day is meant to be about you!

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Wedding Photography in St. Louis and beyond

Juniper & Oak Photo, owned by Becky Hassel, is wedding photography in St Louis, MO. It's built on the belief that each couple is unique and should have images that reflect their personality. As you begin the planning stages of your wedding, I'm sure everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing.

Well super fiancé, we want to rest assured that we support all your wedding day choices. A little secret, Steph and I both eloped and did our marriage exactly how we wanted.

Our wedding photography published in several publications as our current name and while operating under Rebeca Hassel Photography.

We pride ourselves in providing an enjoyable experience, one that will make you feel at ease, like you're hanging with your best friend. Steph and I assume you are like us and want to feel comfortable being yourself, however that looks. We support you 100% and can't wait to see you on your wedding day.

We Love weddings, but we also really love creative art and families!

Talk to us about our boutique St Louis Family Photography experience. Work with St Louis Family Photographer Becky Hassel to customized and personal pieces of art for your family's home. 

This is an experience unlike any other photo session you and your family have been a part of. The session is specifically planned with your home décor or design plan in mind. Whether it's a 40x60 in canvas of your family together enjoying each other's company over your fireplace or a custom piece with your child taming a lion in their zoo themed bedroom. We will make it happen and are with you every step of the way. 

And while we are local to the St Louis area, WE TRAVEL! 

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