Family Photography

The most relaxing way to combat photo session stresses is to opt for an in home newborn photography session. I’m a big fan of anything easy and stress-free, so here’s some tips to add those adjectives to your newborn session.

Tips for In Home Newborn Photography

Young boy goes out flying fishing at golden hour in the creek with blue overalls and a tan fishing hat and the fishing pole over his shoulder.

Try to picture royal children sitting still for their painted portrait because I literally can not. I don’t envy any part of that situation. Fortunately for us today is the glorious invention of digital cameras allowing session for fine art photography portraits of children to go much faster and far more fun. It’s a win-win […]

Fine Art Photography Portraits Fun for Kids

It’s time for holiday photos and you haven’t picked your photographer! Oh no! Choosing the right photographer can be extremely challenging, especially when there are so many professionals to choose from in your area.  Before I started my business, I thought the key to finding the right photographer was finding a portfolio full of beautiful […]

Choosing the Right Photographer!

You’ve got your family photos scheduled for tomorrow and your stomach is in knots thinking about getting your toddler ready and hoping he or she will smile pretty for the camera. Don’t you worry about a thing! Your photographer has worked with toddlers before, especially toddler moms like me, and will make the experience enjoyable […]

5 Tips for Capturing a Happy, Smiling Toddler

Books that my children enjoy and teach valuable lessons are some of our absolute favorites. Well, and the ones that just make us laugh too, but we’ll save those for a different day. We recently discovered the Slumberkins book series and let me tell you, WE LOVE THEM! We own 5 of them and are […]

Our Current Favorite Reads – Slumberkins