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I think these stories are supposed to start like, I got my grandfather's camera at 12 and have been a photographer ever since. Mine's not like that.

I grew up with very few family photos. We didn't do the yearly family photo thing in my house and it always made me sad. I loved art and photography and didn't understand why that wasn't valued in my household.

I realized much later our best memories weren't posed in a JCPenny store, they were happening every day. We had so much proof of it on our walls with plethora of out of focus, dimly lit, blurry images from a 35mm home camera. 

After having a family of my own, I told my husband I want a family photo every year, but I want it to be real and professional.

I wanted those blurry memories showcased with professional images and that's exactly how I treat family photoshoots.

I want to beautifully display your memories. This is a fun, chaotic, beautiful moment in your family's life and it deserves to be captured in high-quality imagery.

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