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We're nerdy AF and love what we do! We strive to give you emotional and awe-inspiring images that bring you back to wedding day time and time again.

Before we tell you more, do us a favor.

Think of a time where your friend knew what you were thinking just because you gave them a certain look. You didn't have to say anything out-loud, but the two of you were on the same page.

They just got you.

That's what we give our couples, that feeling of being understood. I mean yeah, we give you beautiful wedding galleries, but we get you.

That's truly where we stand out most. Really incredible images are beautiful and have a memory attached to them. We get to know couples personally, so that we know which moments are most important to you and we know how to best capture your personality. We know what your expressions are saying.

At no point will you feel like you are just posing for photos throughout the day.

You will be EXPERIENCING your day!

We encourage you to be yourself and enjoy your wedding because when we're your photographers, we're not just taking pretty pictures.

We are eternalizing your love story, the day you chose forever, and telling it as authentically as if to allow it to be lived again.

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How Juniper & Oak Trees are like your love?

The two species of trees are the perfect symbols of the loves we love most.

The Juniper tree has the ability to grow in unusual shapes in order to endure harsh climates and baren lands. This symbol of beauty, strength, and knowledge reminds us that no matter what hardships our relationship endures, it will only add to its unique beauty.

The beloved mighty oak is associated with symbols of strength, wisdom, moral, honor, and nobility. Relationships built upon these traits will continue to grow into a long and lasting life just as the Oak.

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National Parks we've visited

Probably would have been a hippie if born a few decades sooner. A music fanatic, a bit of a romantic, and a not-so-closet Nicholas Sparks fan. I firmly believe there is no such thing as an ugly wedding and no such thing as too many tattoos! 

-Based in St Louis, MO


State and National forests explored


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times Our husbands told us no when we asked to adopt another pet


Becky - Creative Director
& Lead Photographer

Outside of photographing weddings, I feel most at home when I’m spending time in nature. You can usually find me tending to my gardens, enjoying a good music therapy session, or in northern Minnesota around a campfire, cherishing the company of friends and family.

-Based in Minneapolis, MN

Lead Photographer

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Our goal is to make sure you feel amazing on your wedding day!

I am a mother of two kind-hearted children and a wife to the luckiest man on earth. (Or at least that's what I keep telling him. ;-) Family is incredibly important to me. I strive to capture every moment of my children's life. I'm deeply rooted in my home state of Minnesota, where I love exploring metro Minneapolis's beautiful outdoors with my children and watching their love of nature flourish.

Wedding photography found it's way to me. I needed to do something that brought me so much joy that I didn't feel guilty leaving my children. I wanted to be able to go out in the world and capture incredible raw moments and not be confined to an office or cubicle. The natural beauty of life and the world around us gave me the muse that sparked my interest in photography and created my life long passion.

It is my honor to photograph one of the most important days of your life. I love capturing the stolen glances, the contagious laughter, and all the real and raw feelings of the day. Years down the road I want you to look back at these memories and moments and experience those emotions and feelings.

A medical laboratory scientist by trade and a wedding photographer by passion. I'm the mom of two wonderful boys, Oskar and Finnegan, and married to Eric, my best friend. Well, unless he sets 20 alarms for 5 am and doesn't wake up until the last one, then he's just my husband.

We eloped in the high desert of Grand Junctions, Colorado. We didn't have much of a party or reception there, but celebrated later in his mom's GA backyard with 40 of our closest family and friends. 

My family stays pretty active with activities ranging from a walk with our dogs down Missouri's katy trail to rock climbing at the local gym to taking our boards out to enjoy fresh pow. 

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