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This is not your typical St Louis family photography experience.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the typical experience is kind of unpleasant. Right?

YOU pick out all your family's outfits. The photo session starts and YOU feel like you're responsible for your family's cooperation.


Oh no. These are stress-free and beautiful images from a family photoshoot that felt like a fun family outing.

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We plan and/or assist in planning your family's outfits.

We use fun games and play to guide into candid poses.

We are available by text or e-mail to help with any concerns.

We save you time by ordering prints for you. (we may even bring a bottle of wine when we meet to decide which to order.)

It's time that you get a turn to relax!

I'm St. Louis Family Photographer Becky! A spunky, adventurous, go-with-the-flow kind of photographer

welcome, friend

You love your children and you love having beautiful family portraits. However the idea of planning outfits and attempting to get your child to cooperate is exhausting and turns you completely off of family photos.


Family photos are daunting for me too! That's I why do this! With a passion for photography and a history as a science teacher, track & field coach, and as a current mom of two young, children, I do family photography differently.

This to be the least stressful photo session you've ever experienced. You literally won't have to think and your kiddos will be convinced it's a play date.

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Does this sound Like you?

St. Louis Family Photographer | Becky Hassel and Family

Fun times with family photography St Louis, MO

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Value the intimate moments their family shares together over posed perfection.

Enjoy real smiles and laughter, are willing to go with the flow, and let the children lead the shoot.

Prefer their images to be printed as albums and wall art, so they can be displayed in their home for themselves, family, and friends to see.

Families I work with have this in common...

Wherever your imagination takes you, that's where we can go. These pieces are created based on what your children enjoy or what they have imagined. We'll start with a St Louis Family Photography session and build your image from there.

Let's create a custom piece of art featuring your children

Looking for something truly unique?

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Next Steps:

  1. You will receive an email or text confirmation that I have received your inquiry.
  2. We'll do a quick 15 minute discovery call to ensure I'm a good fit for your vision and your family. Use this link to schedule a quick call.
  3. If it seems we're a good fit, we'll talk about more details over a video call or an in-person meeting.

Just like you I value time with my family, so I do limit the number of sessions I do each year. To ensure a space on my calendar for your family, please do not hesitate when scheduling discovery and consult calls.


They're only young once. Let's begin planning your stress-free family photography session

We make family photos fun! we work with Your kids letting them lead, then guiding them to poses through play.

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Children weren't meant to sit still

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Family Photography St Louis and beyond

Juniper & Oak Photo, owned by Becky Hassel, is family photography in St Louis, MO. It's built on the belief that family photos should be easy for you. As a parent you are already thinking so much on a daily basis doing your very best for your family.

Well super parent, we want you to take a break during this family photo session. From planning outfits to choosing a location to discovering your children's favorite play to encourage natural happiness, we do the thinking for you.

Juniper & Oak Photo has had family photography published in several publications and has wedding photography seen on Vh1, as well as, other various publications.

We pride ourselves in providing an enjoyable experience, one that your children are excited to get dressed up for. I don't like when my kiddos are unhappy and I want to make sure you don't have to experience unhappy kiddos either.