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A tear rolled down April's cheek as she finished her vow to Anthony. He wiped the tear from her face, gazed into her eyes, then broke his stare as he gave a quick glance at the two person band behind him.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and the shy and normally very quiet Anthony sang a song he had written for the love of his life. In those two minutes, the room was silent, captivated by their love. It was as if the world stood still to watch a love that could only be described as destiny.

I'm St Louis wedding photographer, Becky Hassel. I don't believe I chose wedding photography. I believe I was destined for this role. Twenty eight years ago my grandfather passed away. The only thing I have left of my childhood best friend are memories and those memories, in my own aging, are slowly fading.

Your marriage is such a valuable and personal memory that can not be replaced. I strive to capture those moments in a genuinely authentic process that allows you to always remember those timeless moments just as they happened. 

So if you're looking for authentic wedding photography, in St Louis or beyond, myself and Steph are here for you and are excited to meet you!

In that moment, their love captivated an entire room...

St Louis Wedding Photographer Becky Hassel,

Hey There!

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It's about the moment and feelings that a photo brings you back to.

Bring the dog!
Do the dougie!
Jump in the pool!

If these are the ways you want to celebrate your union, make like a Nike commercial and DO IT!

Rest assured that when you look back at your heirloom album with your friends and family, or hell even with your grandkids or your siblings' grandkids (if having kids isn't your thing), you'll still smile, laugh, and cry as if those moments were happening all over again.

We are intentional about getting to know you personally and catching those moments that will mean the most to you every single moment following your wedding day.

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Take it from a wedding photographer. St Louis and it's surrounding areas have amazing venues. The Midwest is filled with so many unexpected gems and this St Louis wedding venue list is no exception. These are some of the most desirable venues in and around metro St Louis, MO area.  Not only do the venues each hold their own personal charm, but their owners will go above and beyond to meet your wedding planning wants and needs.

Wedding and Reception Venues: St Louis Area

We all know that weddings can get stressful. There is so much to get done and it never feels like there is enough time. But to help with that, here is a list of 5 easy tips to have a low stress wedding week.

5 Tips for a Low Stress Wedding Week

It can be very difficult to decide between an intimate first look and a more traditional first look. To help you decide what might be best for you, below is are the benefits of each.

First Look at Wedding - Before or During the Ceremony

Don't know how to start planning your Missouri wedding or elopement?

We know a lot more than just wedding photography in St Louis! Let us take you through the how-to start your wedding planning and follow along as we use our own expertise, some of our client and vendor contacts, and knowledge from the states we frequent to help you with your wedding anywhere in the United States.

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